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Meet The Team

Steven Pristina

Master Plumber

His old school perspective is critical in his ability to solve all current and pre-existing issues. Developing precise and stream-lined solutions to handle any size project. Each call is handled with care and humor. Every job has a personal touch that makes his family business respected, trusted, and sought after.

Nicholas Pristina

Refrigeration Engineer
BS Facilities Management

Nick, is young, ambitious and a forward thinker. His dedication to detail and his ability to pave the path forward for his team and his clients go above and beyond the traditional standards. His unique talents, when paired together with those that his brother and father bring, make this business savvy approach a streamlined choice.

Alex Pristina

Project Manager
Service Technician

Alex, is fast paced and precise when laying out the several fixtures in the design. Taking your blue-print plans and creating accurate custom kitchen and bathrooms. He is trained in servicing high-efficiency domestic hot water heating and the latest combination hot water and heating wall hung units. Troubleshooting and diagnosing both new and existing systems; to restore both heating and hot water issues.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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